USA entrance & management services for overseas firms interested in entering the USA Market




leading everything from startups to major corporate divisions. 



We work with companies from other countries who wish to enter the US market with their products.  We provide sales, marketing, executive management, office space, and a US look and feel to make you successful from the start.  A fully "turn-key" solution.

We basically are YOU here in the USA.

USA Formality: You will have a formal office location in the Atlanta, Georgia area, often called "Silicon Valley East",  with your name on the door, telephones answered in your name, telecommunications services, and executive management properly in place.  Without your having to send staff here.

Attractive, Low-Risk Pricing:  A flat monthly retainer/fee that covers almost every item required.  See our list of included services, which is available upon request by email to  This gives you great flexibility as you grow, and reduces your monetary risks as described below.

Lower Cost Than Doing It Yourself:  And we do it at much less cost than you would incur if you were to do it yourself.  This is because we operate on a shared asset concept, only applying the time and intensity each function requires.  This provides you with outstanding talent in each management position, but without the need to pay them a full time salary.

We Pass Shared Savings To You: We also share support functions such as receptionist, marketing and web site, accounting, tax/CPA (Chartered Accountants) back office, and legal services, all of which do not justify a full time employee in the initial phases.  All in all, your cost is about half what it would cost you to do it yourself.  Plus it has risk aversion built in. 

Legal and Banking:  We establish you here with a legal US Corporation, Federal Tax ID number(s), State Corporate Registration, all handled by a licensed law firm.  Plus a US bank account to which you have electronic access.

Exit Strategy: And we have an exit strategy for our services.  Once we establish you and grow the business to a certain point, it then makes sense for you to take it over fully.  We also help with a seamless transfer of the management to you when that time arrives.  Usually this occurs about 18 to 24 months from startup. 

Cost Effective & Risk Averse:  A major benefit of this approach is your avoidance of capital investment in furnishings, fixtures, computers, long term leases and similar operating costs.  This means that if your plans change and you decide to relocate or even cease operations, you have very little "unwinding" costs.  A key avoided cost is severance costs for employees.  That falls fully on us, not you.

We offer two lines of services, described below.  One is focused on existing US companies and the other on companies in other countries desiring to enter the US market with their products and solutions.  Both are explained here and on the "Sevices" tab.

*  Sales, marketing, Product development, Client services, & operations turn-around


         *Fractional executive management services to fill your short term needs                           


                  * coaching, training, employee development & motivation, organizational dynamics, transformation



Our professional staff includes senior level executives with expertise in healthcare, software, telecommunications, operations, M&A, IT, HR, finance and accounting. 

Our focus for you is sales and marketing turnaround.  We also offer fractional executive engagements while you locate the right full-time replacement for a key role.  We are available for short-term, single project-specific or longer term engagements.

Sales Turnaround:  We use our expertise to manage your sales team, lead generation, tracking and management reporting processes to increase sales while tying into the delivery process to ensure both client satisfaction and company success

Marketing Management and Demand Generation:  We apply the latest in marketing, lead generation, outreach, web sites and social media, as they best fit your needs, to  increase share of mind and generate customer interest in your offerings, further driving sales and revenues

Client Operations, Help Desk, Project Management: We offer a consulting engagement review of your sales, marketing, and customer operations alignment to find strengths & weaknesses and to provide a road map for enhancing top line revenues, control your implementation and support costs, and improve customer satisfaction

Organizational Dynamics, Motivation, Coaching:  We offer both specific topic training & coaching for your staff to help them perform at peak, and organizational dynamics measures & processes to indicate areas of need.  Includes group motivational presentations to help employees grow in their jobs and their lives.

Mergers & Acquisitions:  Our team includes specific education and training in Mergers and Acquisitions.  We assist investors who are considering acquiring a software company - where we provide a full evaluation of key facets of the target - or can assist you as you merge with another firm or are being acquired.

IT Product Development & Programming: We apply the latest in computing and programming technologies to review, correct, build, develop and deliver superior solutions to your market using our 35 years of executive-level development leadership.  We build, manage and encourage your IT teams to success.