Increase top line revenues by 38% in the first 9 months and increase net profits by up to 51% in 12 months, by implementing our proven CRM Pipeline Accuracy Solution.**

Additionally increase your net-profit and stock value >134%** 

by implementing our proven Lean business process reengineering methodology. 

Average labor saving is > 50%, reduces COGS by 7.5%, overhead by 27%, and Inventory by 67%, freeing up capital and improving efficiencies. 

Windy Hill Group specializes in serving and supporting mid-cap companies and funded start ups, divisions of larger companies, and external firms looking for assistance with their current US distribution.    We also serve overseas companies who wish to enter the USA market with their products and services, by providing a full, turn-key operation that they then assume control over once it grows to a size that warrants.

We deliver to you complete turn-key management services that include turn-around management of broken areas such as sales, marketing, product and client support services.  We do this through project consulting to address immediate needs and fractional executive services to companies needing to fill leadership positions or establish a US Presence


Success arises from understanding that the interface between the marketing lead generation, the sales process, the actual sale, and the end user delivery of the contracted services and products, and is key to increased profits.  This is achieved through increasing top line revenue generation, internal cost reduction, maximizing client satisfaction, and improving internal company morale. 


For more detailed information on any of these services, please contact: or US 1-404-213-9197, or by submitting a Contact Form, with your specific requirements.


** Stated results are based on cost and profit data from the top 1,000 US manufacturing companies compiled by Capital IQ (McGraw-Hill Financials for 2021 and 2022). 

Your exact benefit may be more or less than the average numbers shown,  as it depends on factors for your specific industry and your organization's actual cost percentages for fixed costs and overhead.  

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