+ USA Formality - in YOUR name

    - Office Space in a Class A building

    - Telephone, Internet, Reception

    - US General Manager to manage

    - Sales, marketing and operations                         management

    - Accounting/bookkeeping and CPA

    -Your own US bank account(s) & US Tax ID 



Mergers and Acquisitions & Investor Review Services.

We handle sales and operations related items: validity of market, confirmation of installed base, and pipeline accuracy.


  + Product Management

     - Product strategy & road map creation

     - Product planning & development

 ​  + Client Operations and Turnaround

     - Client Satisfaction

     - Client Operations & Support Desk

     - Client Retention and Growth




     --- US Market Entry Services ---

For foreign companies desiring a full US presence and operating entity.






On Accelerating Your Growth

See samples under the TEAM button 

  --- Sales, Pipeline, Lean, Operations, Product ---

We can improve your US Business - We can increase your bottom line 





    + Marketing 

    - Value proposition development

​    - Brand building

    - KPIs and metrics for share of                    mind, share of wallet

    - Social media planning and campaign  management




+ Lean consulting and application

+ Sales, Sales Effectiveness

​     - Team turn around and build

     - CRM Pipeline management tools

     - Top line revenue enhancement


 + Fractional Executive Services

​​ + We are YOU in the US, fully & legally set up.

    - Full, turn-key operational set up

+ Attractive, low risk pricing

    - Exit strategy

    - No long term commitment, easy to unwind if your plans change

+ Half the cost and twice as fast to set up and operate than moving staff here.




Seasoned Pros

to Match Your Needs

- Sales enablement - CRM pipeline accuracy - Lean - Fractional Executives  - 


Employee Development, Coaching, and Enablement, to refresh and re-energize your employees for greater achievement

CRM Pipeline Accuracy Project to Grow Top Line Revenues - Remove Frustration with Projections

Increase top line closed business by up to 38% in the first 8 months. We quickly fix your inaccurate CRM pipeline by implementing a proven method to give you the accuracy you need for enhanced revenues and resource planning. 


Our Executives have been everywhere -- and have led startups, major corporate divisions, white space exploration, and more . . .

Lean Operations Improvement for Your Bottom Line 

Lean  can increase your company's net-profit and stock value by >215% Lean's average labor savings is > 50%, reducing COGS by 7.5%, Overhead reduction of 27%, and Inventory reduction of 67%, which frees up additional space for future business growth. We are experts in Lean, providing organization and streamlining of your company, both warehouse/production and administrative.  See SERVICES tab