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                                                               EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS

Alpharetta, GA—10 year old healthcare software company that had been acquired by a major non-software company, and saw the entire sales and marketing staff leave with the founding CEO after acquisition.  We were brought in to build a sales and marketing team from scratch and to grow revenues in a niche that had a 12-month sales cycle.  Successfully built a team of 6, increased top line sales by 25% year over year the first year, and by 44% the second.  Company was sold by the investing company at that point and remains a successful subsidiary of the acquiring company today.  Reference available from COO who was there at the time.

Chico, CA - Our lead consultant was hired as VP of Sales and Marketing to turn around sales for a 5 year old healthcare quality and utilization software company.  Increased sales by 50% over a 3 year period, rebuilt the sales team of 5, and was instrumental in a board level total company reorganization and turn around that saved it from collapse, eventually resulting in going public and being acquired. Reference from the CEO/founder available

Philadelphia, PA— We were engaged on a 6 month contract to review sales and marketing, and make recommendations for this 15 year old behavioral and clinical healthcare software company, for purposes of increasing revenues and close rates.  Determined that the lead generation process was insufficient, made recommendations on improvements and participated in hands-on lead generation activities to grow their pipeline. 

Atlanta, GA  - Our lead consultant headed up the healthcare marketing division of a Fortune 100 telecommunications company for 10 years.  During that time, he built alliances, was involved in formation of legislation and standards for healthcare systems, and drove marketing packages that caused company revenue growth from healthcare clients to exceed overall company targeted growth rates 9 years out of 10. 

US National Project – Developed and implemented integration marketing planning, and created supporting artifacts, to promote life insurance and annuity solutions to individuals working with financial advisors.  Internet, mail, e-mail and call center campaigns were integrated over 3, 6 and 9 month cycles to drive 15 – 25% increase in closure rates and 25 to 200% better premiums than prior, one-dimensional campaigns. 

England – Consulting project with auto and home insurance call center to stratify customer satisfaction and cross-walk against product offerings, cost of acquisition and cost of support.  The 6 month project involved leading cross-functional experts in call center management, finance and product management.  Recommending a reduction in product variations and targeted call center in-bound support hours along with increased digital support tools drove 50% lift in ROI in the following 12 month period. 

Washington, DC  - Delivered the design and install of a custom Salesforce implementation for group and individual sales teams (B2B, B2B2C and D2C).  This brought the organization into the 2010s from a series of disjointed, dated, paper-driven, very manual sales enablement and pipeline management activities.  Improved agent retention, allowed the entity to enlist leading call center alliance partners and to develop integrated customer marketing and communications programs that improved sales, retention and ROI.