Our professional staff includes senior level executives with expertise in healthcare, software, telecommunications, sales, sales effectiveness, pipeline management, marketing, integrated market planning, operations, call centers, M&A, IT, HR, finance and accounting. 

Our focus for you is sales, marketing, and operational turnaround both for current operations and for the integration of acquired companies, staffing and infrastructure.  We offer fractional executive engagements while you locate the right full-time replacement for a key role.  We are available for short-term, single project-specific or longer term engagements.

 CRM Pipeline Accuracy Solution

Our experience has seen that over 90 percent of companies struggle to get highly accurate forecasts on upcoming sales closings.  This causes missed revenue targets, missing labor requirements (high or low) to meet the sales made, and directly impacts the bottom line.   Our solution is a flat fee that covers all analysis, set up, training and train-the-admin to make it successful in the first month.  This is followed by a 5 month low-cost oversight process where we work with and monitor your staff use of the process.  This will deliver you a long-term solution to accuracy in your projected closings by month, and let you monitor sales performance by individual.

Lean Process Consulting

Sales Turnaround and Overall Sales Team Building and Management:  We use our expertise to manage your sales team, lead generation, tracking and management reporting processes to increase sales while tying into the delivery process to ensure both client satisfaction and company success.  Pipeline management and Sales Effectiveness are key functions of our focus.

Marketing Management and Demand Generation:  We apply the latest in marketing, lead generation, outreach, web sites and social media, as they best fit your needs, to  increase share of mind and generate customer interest in your offerings, further driving sales and revenues

Integration of operations, people and systems from acquisitions.  We provide the reviewing of all business processes, including staff heavy operations, for companies which are looking to streamline, remove costs, and enhance operations as acquisitions are merged into the main business focus.  We also focus on the well being of your entire staff, working to re-purpose valuable employees into positions to ensure achievement of your inclusion and diversity goals, while seeing that the individual is provided personal growth through meaningful work.

Fractional and Interim Executive.  We provide you with experienced executives to fill in as you search for the right permanent candidate, or for a fractional purpose such as a fixed-focus project to improve and turn around your problem areas.

Client Operations, Help Desk, Project Management: We offer a consulting engagement review of your sales, marketing, and customer operations alignment to find strengths & weaknesses and to provide a road map for enhancing top line revenues, control your implementation and support costs, and improve customer satisfaction

Organizational Dynamics, Motivation, Coaching:  We offer both specific topic training & coaching for your staff to help them perform at peak, and organizational dynamics measures & processes to indicate areas of need.  Includes group motivational presentations to help employees grow in their jobs and their lives.  We have certified Managerial Coaches on staff

Mergers & Acquisitions:  Our team includes specific education and training in Mergers and Acquisitions.  We assist investors who are considering acquiring a software company - where we provide a full evaluation of key facets of the target - or can assist you as you merge with another firm or are being acquired.  We have staff certified in Mergers and Acquisitions.

IT Product Development & Programming: We apply the latest in computing and programming technologies to review, correct, build, develop and deliver superior solutions to your market using our 35 years of executive-level development leadership.  We build, manage and encourage your IT teams to success.

 Lean can increase your company's net-profit and stock value by more than 215% and with this increase in profit your company can acquire your competitors, enter new markets, or expand.

​     Lean's process reengineering is focused on identifying and eliminating waste (not working harder), which generates greater net-profit by doubling productivity. Plus, these empowered employees are much happier and committed to their company's success, so improvements in productivity & quality are continuous. 

      Lean's average labor savings is > 50%, reducing COGS by 7.5%, Overhead reduction of 27%, and Inventory Reduction of 67%, which frees up additional space for future business growth. 

     Our team has many years of Lean implementation in varied companies - manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail.  We streamline your processes to improve throughput, reduce labor needs, reduce warehouse sizes, and bring the efficiencies of a process redesign to you. 

       Immediate and lasting benefits for you include:  In addition to major gains in efficiency, thus profits, we find that empowered 

employees organize into self-monitoring and self-reporting teams that free-up supervisory management time and assist  employees on continuous improvement of quality and productivity..

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